Thursday, December 25, 2008

december wedding bells..

December is the month for weddings.. 3 weeks ago, went to Asma' n farouk's wedding in Slim River.. drove all the way to Slim River postcall as i don't want 2 miss it... i'm so haPpy for them, they r meant 2 be together forever. the wedding was sweet... with pink as their theme, the wedding was sweeter.. had a great time, met a bunch of my juniors..
for asma' n farouk - Semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat :) tomorrow will be a big day for 1 of my bestfriend, Pokka. can't miss it for the world..hehe

Sunday, December 7, 2008

TO the mOst beauTiful perSOn in My life...haPpy birthDay

celebrating birthday @ Sheraton Subang...

hAPpy birThday ibu... on 3rd December 2008, she's now 56... to the most beautiful perSon in my life.. HaPPy birthDay... i wish All the haPPiness in the world for u.. InsyaAllah, Allah will bless all of us forever..

Ibu... thank u because of u i will never lose sight of the truly impt things in my life
life warmth, joy and happiness
Because u taught me how to see with my heart
your example had given me footsteps to follow
ur encouragement has given me wings to fly
ur love will always be a part of me whereever i go in life

YOur the best.. n i love u so much...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Life iS full oF pEopLe wHo

will mAke u cRy,

sMile uNtil ur fAce hUrts

so hAPpy tHat u'll thiNk u'LL buRst

But tHe oNes whO leAves thEir fOotpRints in yOur sOuL

Are tHe onEs thAt keEp ur liFe gOinG

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Desir pasir di padang tandus

Segersang pemikiran hati

Terkisah ku diantara cinta yang murni

Bila keyakinanku datang

Kasih bukan sekedar cinta

Pengorbanan cinta yang agung kupertaruhkan
Maafkan bilaku tak sempurna

Cinta ini tak mungkin kucegah

Ayat-ayat cinta bercerita

Cintaku padamu

Bila bahagia mulai menyentuh

Seakan ku bisa hidup lebih lama

Namun harus kutinggalkan cinta

Ketika ku bersujud


sorry 4 not updating for quite a long time... i've always wanted 2 share something abt my latest work... but due to heavy workload and time constraint, i have no time 2 do so. Obstetric n gynae posting.. it's more stressful then haPpy times. i would say i miss medical ward!! huhu i started in labour room where my 1st week was like hell .many unfortunate, bad things haPpen.. i nearly felt like quiting but some1 told me to be strong n just pray that everything will be fine.... i have never give up, however i really felt that in my first few weeks in obstetric. I was blame for the the things that i do.. n worst thing that i was blame for the things that i didn't do!! sometimes when i'm tired, the thing that keep me smiling is to see cute babies in the labour room. so cute!

in gynae ward... me & aishah is taking care of cancer patient..dealing with this patient makes me feel grateful for the things that i have in life.. n i'll pray that i would never ever have to go through what the patient went through.. i wish they would not have 2 suffer... evrytime i would always tell myself n 2 them that everything will be alright..but deep down inside i know it's not going to be much better... hope that they will always be strong...i'm still hoping for rainbow after

heavy rain..

i have 2 endure this posting for another 2 months... wish me luck...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Syawal arrives again...

Happy eid… sorry for the late entry… Alhamdulillah I’ve the chance to celebrate raya with my family…. I had 3 days leave.i was oncall on the 29th September.. had quite a few admissions that night.. didn’t have sleep that night..

Next morning, 30th September- I wanted to do some last minute shopping for raya…went to pavilion with Joe n ween, bought for ibu some cookie jars and handbag for my self…bought some J.Co’s donuts for berbuka..yummy. then, went to PKNs 2 buy more kuih but I end up buying 2 baju kurung there coz it’s really cheap.. hehe 50% off.. great deal :)
On raya eve, managed to help ibu with some house chores before dozing off…

1st raya was very different than every other day… although the spirit of raya was not as great as last time,,, but i’m so excited that morning.. this is the 1st tmie we r celebrating raya @ our new house in Shah Alam.. usually, was a routine 4 us 2 go back 2 Perak n Penang.. but this year we decided not 2 go back coz of time abah’s still on stretcher.. difficult to ambulate…

Went 2 neighbours openhouse…had a great time, meeting new neighbours..make some new friends :) that evening, abang chak n family came..
It was a memorable moment for me to be able to give duit raya for my niece n nephews and also parents…

As they say, raya is the time for forgiveness.. that evening it was a tearful moment when I ask for forgiveness from my parents for the things I did in the was a relief though….

Monday, September 1, 2008


I decided 2 take leave for the long holiday of merdeka…i'm tired of working..hehe need some time 4 myself. I could say that the 3 days leaves were well spent.. hehe had settled a few many important things.. that morning, we went 2 shah alam 2 settled some important things,, then, we went shopping for raya in shah alam.. unfortunately, didn’t buy any baju kurung coz I remember I have 2 more baju kurung that I haven’t wear n plus I don’t think I will get the chance 2 wear it coz only have 2 days off 4 raya… it will be my first raya in my new hse in Shah Alam… looking 4ward 2 it.. for the past 24 years, it has been a routine 2 go back 2 perak n penang.. I guess, it’s time for some changes…

Then, yesterday we went 2 one utama 2 meet kak hana.. kak hana will be leaving 2 UK in September.. gonna miss her so much. She has been an older sis for me n ween… went lunch at our fav place chilis… after having a good 3 hours chat with kak hana, we went back.. … me n ween decided 2 give a present 4 ibu… we bought a new nokia hp 4 ibu coz she had been using her previous hp for 5 years…hehe luckily ibu like her new hp..haPPy :)

Today, I decided 2 stay at home… as fasting month has just started… I spent time cleaning wardrobe, checking e-mails, updating blog n updating my knowledge as well .. hehe I’ll be finishing medicine posting soon.. have 2 study hard. Hehe i took leave coz i wanted 2 break fast with my family on the 1st day of ramadhan...

HapPY ramadhan.. hope that all of us will be blessed with lots of haPpiness in this holy month.. have time 2 recite our prayers.. insyaAllah, it will come true..

august... haPpiness...

Sorry 4 the late entry… many things happen last month but I’m too busy 2 make an entry.. hehe convocation on the 6th of august was a great event… it was an unexplainable feeling …to receive the scroll of MBBS degree from the pro cancellor in the DTC, UM…it was nice 2 see my collegues after 2 months working… most of us look different.. hehe many people told me that I look very thin… yup, I lost a few kgs since I started working… 6 kgs to be exact… due 2 the workload, sometimes I missed my meals.. hehe my best friend, shix came n she was the camerawomen of the day. Thanks 4 the beautiful pix shix. Surprisingly, ezzad and eleena was there too… it was nice 2 see my good friends, nadia, joe, fairuz, shuk..btw, thank u for the pressie n flowers.. had too many flowers that day till my ibu n abah had to hold it 4 us…
the next day, we went 2 bangsar 4 photoshoot… after that, we went for post graduation lunch at concorde hotel, shah alam… it was my treat! :) the food was great…..

HapPy anniversary ibu n abah :) 16th August was my parent’s anniversary… I will always pray that u will blessed with lots of love n haPPinesS always..aminn..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

twin registry

Dr syayestesh asked me n ween for a favour for participating in twin registry... it

is a programme for research of twins. for twins out there, please register k.. for more info, log in to the website below.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

love it....

Alhamdulillah, i've finally received my new car 2 weeks ago..

Love it so much...

i'm gonna take good care of the car..

it's easier for me 2 move around now...

my sis is taking the previous car currently..

my life.....

my life has change a lot since i've started working as a doctor... believe's very much different then being a medical student.. it's a life with full responsibilities... i'm currently working in medical ward P2, hospital Kuala lumpur.. it's the busiest medical ward in msia with 60 beds & 15 extension beds on active days.. with only 6 housemans around, can u imagine how's the work load? it's definitely difficult at first 2 get used 2 working long hours, no time for lunch, have 2 rush 2 radiology, pathology depeartment, working 7 days a week. but Alhamdulillah, i've made it through.. time flies.. exactly 1 month i've started working..i had done 3 oncalls 4 the time being.. had my first oncall on the 20th june.. i didn't have much sleep.. only 1 hour that day. the longest time i'm awake is for 39 hours.. from 6 a.m 2nd july 2008 till 7p.m 3rd july.. that was my third oncall.. at that time 2 patients with pneumothorax came at 2 am in the morning.. i had 2 monitor the patients every 1/2 hour till morning. i don't dare 2 sleep as the patient's life is important n i don't want 2 be blame if anything haPpen 2 them.. i think patience is impt in this kind of job as we r dealing with many types of people with different attitudes.. sometimes i can't stand some patient's attitude n loose my temper... usually at 2-5am in the morning when i don't get much sleep... i'm trying 2 smile most of the time, but i can't...Alhamdulillah, i met some great friends, like onni, Thiru n Vicky.. Onni had taught me a lot during my first few days working..she'll be MO in a week. Vicky always there making jokes, cheering me up n helping me out sometimes...Thiru n I have been working for 1 month but both of us had presented at the mortality meeting & conference... i never thought that i would be able 2 present in front of other housemans n specialists .. n i'm so thankful that i did that day! at least we r brave enough 2 face our weaknesses.. getting scolded by specialist is a routine here.. it's painful at times but i guess being scolded is good.. at least, i won't make the same mistakes in future.. i'm still trying 2 get used to people calling me a doctor..hehe

1 of my fav thing is 2 do procedures like peritoneal tapping, pleural tapping and lumbar puncture... it's fun! i really love my job although is tiring sometimes..hope i'll get through my 2 years of housemanship.. pray 4 me k :) for my fellow juniors, study hard n work hard.. working life is much2 harder..good luck!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

busy days...

sorry 4 not updating 4 so long.. hehe i've been busy with induction course & BTN since 14 may 2008.. n currently i'm working in HKL..

14-18 may 2008
- BTN in tanjung rhu sepang.. we were occupied with many activities including group discussion, lectures, sports n kawad n all..
- was quite busy but i had a great time.. doing activities such as absailing, group activities..

19-2nd june 2008
- induction course in selesa beach resort, PD.. we had 2 weeks course which i rather say interesting as they told us about the allowance that we r going 2 get n other things related 2 a gov officer hehe
- the hotel was great with nice, delicious food..
- i had a wonderful time at the beach as well coz i love beach..
sometimes at night, we went 2 the beach 2 watch the stars n sing some songs hehe i'm gonna miss that time.
-all of us really had a great time 2gether as that was our last time 2gether...
- the sports event was great hehe where we played volley ball, tarik tali n lari dlm guni.. hehe it felt like we were young kids.. best!!
- 1 week before completing the course, we were given the letter abt where r we goin 2 be posted to.. it was a very tense moment when all of us open the envelope.. i was shocked 2 see that i got HKL becoz it was not in my 3 choices.. but i'm grateful that at least it was still near home.. alhamdulillah.. my sis was posted 2 hospital kajang..
- on our last day, we shed our tears as we hugged each other, bidding goodbye... i was so sad 2 be seperated with all the wonderful friends since med school.. nadia, shuk, joe, kak su, n many more.. many memories have been shared...hope all of us will meet again during our convo in september :)

hmm, that's all 4 the moment.. hope that i can write something abt working life... but it's 2 early 2 tell.. insyaAllah, i'll be updating soon..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i was tagged by farissa.. hehe.. thanks 4 the survey..

7 random facts about me:
1. a doctor..
2. only have a twin sis..
3. loves chocolates, ice cream, cakes, anything sweet
4. Loves children
5. Loves flowers, fireworks, beach
6. i'm a left handed..
7. hates annoying people..

7 things that scare me:
1. Allah
2. Losing someone I love, family
3. an accident..
4. losing my health..
5. when I did something bad..
6. Natural disasters
7. when u feel that the world is coming 2 the end..

7 random music at the moment:
1. 11 januari - gigi
2. Andai ku tahu - Ungu
3. bleeding love- Leona lewis
4. no air – jordin sparks & chris brown
5. sempurna – OST Love
6. say it again- marie digby
7. my wish- rascal flatts

7 things I say the most:
1. yes, we are twins hehe
2. really?
3. rindu nye..
4. wa dah gemuk..
5. jom kuar
6. chomelnye…
7. oh, so sweet…

7 things I treasure the most:
1. My family..
2. PDA handphone.. where every thing is inside there... to call people n save
impt things
3. my laptop.. 5 year already.. have some much memories in here.. n a buddy when i was a medic student.. buat report, powerpoint, dgr music n many more..
4. my car... for me 2 go anywhere..
5. pictures of good memories
6. everything that people gave me.. especially when they did themself.. handmade..
7. i'm able 2 live in this world haPpily until today 2 see alll the great creation of Allah.. Alhamdulillah..

7 "first time" things I ever did:
1. Went to US, UK, Korea
2. Went to umrah.. but already 2nd time actually..
3. Be a doctor
4. deliver a patient's baby... was a great experience
5. play bowling 4 school n won.. my name was on the newspaper...
6. acting as the main role in a school drama dulu..i'm not good in acting.. it was the first n the last hehe
7. make a police report masa ada stalker dulu

7 people to do this:
1. Amone
2. Fifa
3. Shix n nadia
4. Whahidah
5. Wahidah
6. Ila
7. anyone yg nak buat this survey :)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My wish list

My wish list….this is my wish list 4 this year & I have done some of it… hope I’ll can complete it by end of this year…

1. I wish that all my problems will disappear n I want 2 be haPPy always..
2. pass my exam and make my parents proud --> Alhamdullilah I’ve made it through.. hope that i'll be a good doctor.
3. to get posted to a hospital near home…Hosp Universiti, HUKM or Hosp. Selayang…
4. to see my friends in Kota Kinabalu after exam --> been there on mid April..
5. buy a new handphone coz my PDA has been broken seen 2 months ago, had no time 2 buy
bcoz of the exam…
6. to find my soulmate, get married soon and live happily ever after hehe --> still searching n waiting…
7. holiday with friends --> wonderful holiday with shix n nadia in PD.
8. holiday around Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, Australia…
9. To perform Umrah in Mecca with family if I passed the exam.. --> I’ll be leaving in 6 hours. pray that I will have a safe journey n will find serenity there..
10. I want 2 be a better person, physically, mentally n spiritually…
11. loose weight & live healthy..
12. learn something new like a language…
13.have lots of money or save more money hehe :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

A small word with a big meaning


Will u love me in the morning when I’m not wearing any makeup
Will u hold my hand when I need a helping hand
Will u love me with all ur heart
Will u look into my eyes & tell me that u will always love me…
Will u be by my side through my hardest time in life
Will u take care of me when I’m sick
Will u love me even if i'm not beautiful...
Will u listen 2 my problems when I need a good listener…
Will u be able 2 understand when I’m busy…n may have not much time with u
Will u able 2 be a good husband n wonderful father for my children…
Will u love me even when later on my hair turns grey…
Will u love me forever even if I’m not in this world anymore…
Will u?

The answer is within u… only u know the answer

You shouldn't look for the one who completes, you need to be complete first, then look for the one who loves you completely

Do whatever makes you happy,Be who ever makes you smileLaugh as much as you breatheLove as long as you live!

don't settle for someone you can live with, settle with someone you just cant live without

its better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all...

when u love some1 it's not easy 2 let go, when u let go it's not easy 2 love

"if you love someone set them free if they come back it's meant to be

love is a connection of two hearts beating in one direction

If you were a tear in my eye, i would never cry, because i would never want to loose you!

Love doesn’t have 2 have a happy ending coz love doesn’t have 2 end at all

True love hears what is not spoken & understands what is not explained, 4 love doesn’t work in the mouth nor mind but in the heart

Don’t love a person like a flower coz a flower dies in season, love them like a river coz river flows forever

Friday, April 25, 2008


Sabah.. 6 years has passed by.. many things happened along the way… I once told my parents that I would really love 2 go back 2 Kota Kinabalu if I passed the exam n I did. I was very excited 2 go back 2 Kota Kinabalu on 15th-17th April…when I stepped foot in KK, I realized many things has changed.. I nearly can’t recognized the city of kota kinabalu.. it has totally changed & there are many buildings around.. it reminded me of Penang.. there were Waterfront, warisan square & many more new buildings… for those who didn’t know..i was in Kota Kinabalu for 3 dad was transferred there when I was in form 4… it was a new beginning 4 me but it was also an eye opener.. I have 2 learnt 2 adapt with the surroundings.. being the new girl in town was not easy at 1st. apart from that, I’ve learnt many lessons in life here… about friendship, love n life. I had met great friends, Mon,Wani,Ham, syazwan, Yazir, jaja, meen, lina, zahrah n the list goes on.. n 1 thing for sure, I had build great memories here that I would never forget.. I remembered the good old days in All saints school, playing bowling with yazir , sufri n lina … n it was the first time I saw my name in the newspaper in the sport section… if I’m not mistaken, it was Borneo post.. I miss playing bowling for tournament. The last 1 was during UNIKL sports carnival last year.

Btw, I had a great time during my visit 2 KK. It was rather a time 4 meeting up friends n visit my previous should I saw hometown hehe that night, we met up my best friend mon n ham with ten n irwan.. I had a great time.. 1 thing I like was the sabah accent.. hehe lama sudah bah ndak ckp sabah.. lupa sudah .. I had totally forgotten how 2 speak sabah slang until I heard my friends talking 2 themselves that night… had some difficulty 2 adapt at first. Hehe we had so many things 2 catch up 4 the times that passed by 4 the past 6 years, after dinner at jesselton point, we continued supper at Coffee bean til 12 am..thank u 4 ham & E1 blanja ktorang ;)

The next day, we went 2 Kundasang with mon which is the highlands… it was our 3rd time actually… it brings all the great memories...n it was peaceful..the sceneries were overlooked the Mount Kinabalu.. I’ve never climb Mount Kinabalu, maybe in future I should try.. b4 i forget, thanks mon 4 being a great friend... pejam celik, dah 7 tahun we are friends.. hehe it was nice 2 meet u in KK, usually mon yg dtg KL. hehe
for more info, check out ween's blog coz she had blog in the details.. i just don't want 2 repeat the same thing..

before coming back home, we stopped by SESB 2 see taj.. it was nice 2 see her after 6 years.. usually, we only chat through YM.. I had a great time in KK, hope that i have the chance 2 go back there after few years or maybe when i have my own family hehe :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

cuti2 Malaysia...

Sorry coz I didn’t bloggin for the past 2 weeks.. I was busy traveling around Malaysia hehe cuti2 malaysia… first stop was PD… ween, nadia, shix n me wanted 2 go somewhere near KL just 2 rest & relax.. so, we went there on the 19th April..we started our journey at 12 a.m & we reached PD at abt 2p.m.. after checking in the Corus paradise hotel, we went 2 the beach 4 a lunch picnic.. hehe thanks 2 Shix 4 the delicious Spaghetti & nadia 4 the drinks, we were enjoying our lunch underneath pokok kelapa & facing the beautiful sea…
That evening, we went 4 mandi2 at the beach.. hehe it was fun, it was like 1 year ago we went 2 the beach.. as far as I can remember, the last time was in teluk batik during paeds posting 4th year.. huhu lama dah x mandi laut.. after about 1 hour, we went back 2 the hotel.. shix wanted 2 go for a massage @ the seri ratu spa at the hotel itself. Hehe at last, all of us went there 4 a massage… it was relieving but it was painful at times when it reaches near superficial nerves I guess hehe.. some of us was screaming slowly ouch..ouch.. hehe the say, no pain, no gain hehe

after that, we had seafood for dinner at a restaurant near the beach… was shix treat.. thanks :) that night we stayed up just chit chatting, borak batik until 1a.m hehe me & ween brought some snacks 2 eat, cuppacakes & jco’s donuts , yummy!

Early next day, we had breakfast at the hotel & after a few sight seeing, we drove back home.. it was a fun & relaxing holiday.. hope that we could have some time later on 2 have holiday at other places..

Sunday, April 6, 2008

love & life...

This morning I saw abah siting at the patio reading newspaper.. suddenly I realized that year by year has gone by & abah is getting older by a year.. & of course I grew older too.. abah always told me to get married soon so that they can have grandchildren soon.. I knew Abah really loves children. Everytime we went somewhere, on family gathering.. abah will play with the kids & carry the baby everywhere.. he had no son coz we are the only daughters.. I knew he would really love 2 have a grandson.. hehe InsyaAllah, I hope I’ll be able 2 give Abah a grandson… InsyaAllah, hope that I’ll get a jodoh sooner or later.. hopefully it will be sooner..hehe

I went 2 a wedding this afternoon, it was the wedding of a daughter of Ibu’s friend… I really like 2 look at the bride & groom, they were made for each other..sgt secocok hehe they are both tall, fair & good looking.. When I get married someday, I would really like if people would see me & my future husband like that, look prefectly great together.. as I see in Azween & Aiman.. insyaAllah, they will be getting married next year.. when will it be my turn?? InsyaAllah, I’ll pray that I’ll find my true love someday.. for now, I’m still waiting & searching…

Since the past 2 years ++ or more precise 33 months ago, many friends & relatives have asked me why I’m still single.. I had no answer for that.. but now I think I know why..
1. B4 this I was really busy with studies & had not much time 4 myself..
2. I was afraid that I might get hurt again
3. I had 2 be a lil bit careful in choosing a special one coz this will decide my future…

Saturday, April 5, 2008


i've tried a new restaurant in SACC Mall, ASiaRi.. it was a very cosy Malay restaurant. We went there for lunch before shopping for tudung in PKNS.. my mom wanted 2 try the food there bcoz it was advertise in magazine. it has lunch set or individual meal.. I wanted something spicy, so I tried Spicy chilli chicken with rice set and manggo frappe.. the price was affordable as it comes with a jelly dessert.. my mom & sis ordered ayam percik rice but they said it was just OK. my dad tried the Asiari special frieD rice.. I saw many other new restaurants there, i will try them some other day & let u know..

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I can’t believe it that it’s already 2 weeks since we started our holiday…huhu I didn’t do anything much 4 the past 2 weeks hehe what a waste! I took 1 week 2 cleared all my stuff in Ipoh.. there were too many things!! Byk sgt barang.. even though I have thrown some of the unwanted things… At the same time, I have cleared my wardrobe 2 kill the free time.. n found some of the sweetest card and presents that some people gave 2 me since few years back..among my favourites are ;

Love can lift us to our feet
And teach us how 2 dance
Dare us to believe again
And take another chance

In all the world,
There is no heart for me like yours,
In all the world,
There is no love for you like mine.

Tiada siapa yg akan mengaku,
Melawan takdir yg telah tentu
Walaupun jauh beribu batu,
Hatiku kan tetap setia padamu

Next- I need 2 loose some weight. I can’t control eating, too many delicious food here. since I’m at home, everyday I will have tea time hehe makan goreng pisang la, big apple or’s donuts, lecka lecka ice cream, brownies, chocolates & many more huhu…
My weight has gone up drastically, maybe coz of the temptations of eating good food and also lack of physical activities like walking. Hehe 1 month ago, my daily activities include, climbing up & down the hospital stairs, walking around the wards searching 4 cases… but now, I only walk in the house.. hehe maybe I should start jogging.
As fizah suggested 2 buy MTV dance workout vcd 2 sweat it up. But couldn’t find it, so I bought another dance workout CD “pump it up”. It was a great VCD.. I have 2 try it 4 more than 1 week 2 see 4 the results. Hope it works!! hehe

Hi! ;)

hi, this is my new blog …i had 2 make this new blog due 2 some problems in friendster’s blog... hope that u will enjoy reading it. thanks ;)