Monday, March 2, 2009


Stress? my juniors will have their final exams in a few weeks.. based on my past experiences, this is the most stressful period of time.. where sometimes u don't have time to sleep, no appetite to eat... n always stress out because time is running out.. i just wanted to share something on how to cope stress.. it is based on my experiences n some of it from what i read.. i even presented in front of my specialist n mo's in O&g during houseman presentation, every morning about 10 minutes in the morning briefing...

remember : Avoid, alter, adapt, accept

Avoid unnescessary stress.. learn to say no! don't accept to do additional work if u can't handle it. Take a deep breath when u stress... n when u release your breathe is as if u release ur stress as well

perfectionism is a big no.. don't set up urself for failures by setting too high standards...remember, what doesn't kill us make us stronger

be positive at all time
manage time wisely

Cherish the things that u have
Take time to express your feelings.. to friends, family

have a green button.. make some1 your green button. when u r stress, just look at your green button n u'll be hapPpy

learn to forgive
take a break n have fun

go for karaoke or watch movie

eat good food n exercise regularly

have enough sleep

don't forget to smile