Friday, November 27, 2009

His 26th birthday :)

sorry again for updating so late hehe His 26th birthday was on 16th August's on the same day with IBu & Abah's wedding anniversary & 1 day after our engagement... that afternoon, me, ween , aiman brought my parents to celebrate their wedding anniversary.. that night I brought my fiancee to Seri Angkasa Revolving restaurant, KL tower for a romantic dinner... he was very happy because he wanted to go there for a long time.. it was my 2nd time..we arrived there a lil bit late at 8.30pm & it was fully booked although i had made the reservation 1 month earlier hehe.. then after 5 minutes, we were given table 37 ..the sceneries was beautiful with glittering KLCC nearby... after having a wonderful dinner n opening presents... we went back home..

to my dearest fiancee, Ariza.. haPPy 26th birthday... semoga Allah panjangkan umur & dimurahkan rezeki selalu :) hope that u will always filled with lots of love, faith & happiness. I love u always..hope that next year we will be celebrating ur birthday as husband & wife..insyaAllah..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

sweet pink engagement

sorry for not updating again for so long because i was quite busy in paeds 3 months ago...almost every weekend working or oncall.. but currently i'm in surgery... very relaxing surgery but stressful at times.. many things to share, my engagement, his birthday, raya & many more

~My sweet pink engagement~
On 1st July 2009, his parents including his sister came to my house for merisik.. unfortunately, i was working.. only my sis & parents were at home... & they have decided for our engagement to be held on 15th August..

I woke up very early on that saturday morning to get ready for this meaningful event. Kak Zetty from Butik Udaimatunnur ( formely known as butik syahirah) did my makeup.. & while waiting for the rombongan from his side, my photographer zulhelmi taib took some shots of me & my friends.. thanks for the beautiful pictures :) then, at about 11 am, his rombongan which include his family, extended family & close friends came with 7 dulang of hantarans... I was sitting at the petite pelamin while waiting for his mother to put on the engagement ring to my little finger... & Alhamdulillah everything went well... I'm currently engaged to this wonderful guy whom i loved..& soon to be my husband in a few months.

Thank you for everyone who came & make this wonderful moment more meaningful.. Thank you for ibu & abah who make this event came u all.

Friday, October 2, 2009

my wishes....

if u can remember, i've made a few wishlist on January...some of it were as follows;

1. I would be able to see this wonderful world as long as I live ---> insyaAllah as long as i live & have eyes to see...

2. The important people in my life, Ibu, Abah n ween will always be cherished with good health , happiness n blessings.

3. to find or meet my true love/ soulmate ---> i have found him since March.. i'm grateful that i found this wonderful guy who is now my fiancee n soon to be my husband in 4 months.. hope that everything will turn out as planned insyaAllah...

4. my father’s second surgery for Achilles tendon tear will be a success… --->Alhamdulillah, abah had his 2nd surgery in was quite successful... not 100% but at least about 70%. I'm thankful enough as he is able to walk n drive as before...

5. my sister would have a wonderful n happy wedding ---> her solemnization on 31st May, reception at tropicana country club on 5th june was great!! i'm so haPPy to be beside her on her wedding day...

6. my good friend in UK will be strong to face his illness n chemotherapy ---> Afzal is still in UK fighting cancer-Hodgkin's Lymphoma which has relapsed... i just wished that he would be strong battling with this cancer, starting chemo again.. Ya Allah, please ease the pain & suffering that he might go through along the way... he is a strong person...eventhough fighting with disease & undergo chemotherapy, he was able to graduate from Sheffield university with medical degree.. i wish that he could be a doctor soon...insyaAllah. My only gift to you are my prayers so that u would recover soon..
7. my cousin to recover from SLE…---> she is also still fighting the disease.. hope she will be strong...

8. my grandmother will recover from her illness soon ---> she passed away on 4th february 2009 with renal failure & COPD in PPUM... may Allah bless her soul in heaven..

9. I wish that the suffering of people in Gaza will come to an end ---> currently people in padang is suffering from earthquake.. million of them are affected... i'm grateful that we live in a safe country without earthquake..

10. I wish that I would be a better person…---> i'm still hoping that i'll be a better person

11. Lastly, I wish that Allah will hear my wishes n doa n will make it come true.. insyaAllah

Saturday, August 15, 2009

starting august....

can't believe it's already august...time flies.. i started the month of august with an eventful weekend hehe on the 1st of august, me & him went to 3 different places 1st- to Jalan TAR to buy some things.. we were in the Wisma Yakin when suddenly we heard about the ISA riot...they were running away from the police..we stayed in there for 30 minutes until it's safe..before took our car n off to tropicana mall... we decided to watch movie " the proposal" instead... it was a romantic-funny movie by sandra bullock n ryan reynolds... nice movie!

then, later in the evening.. he brought me to Metropolitan Park, Kepong for a was a big park and as u enter the park, u can see multiple beautiful kites flying in the blue sky...i was very excited as it has been for a while since the last time i fly a kite... maybe more than 10 years ago hehe we took a nice spot n had our picnic... there was a lake if u walk further up... we had the chance to watch sunset near the lake... it was beautiful...i had a wonderful weekend ... thank u ariza for the wonderful weekend...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Azween & Aiman's solemnization

2 months has passed by... time flies.. without we noticing it.. it has been 2 months since azween and aiman's wedding... i didn't have the time to blog in as i was busy working in paeds... congrats to my dear sis, ween n my brother in law aiman.. for me, it was a wonderful wedding event... ibu n I were very tired preparing for their wedding but alhamdulillah it turn out quite well...Alhamdulillah after more than 3 years, they are united as husband & wife.

for my dear sis, congratulation on your wedding :) have a wonderful wedding life... to my brother in law, take good care of my only sister.. we love u both always... hope that i will get a niece and nephew soon..
some highlights about the wedding event in perdana heights ;

* i love the cream fresh flower pelamin by Zalfie Zainal... superb!!
* ibu and I did the ribbons for the doorgift since May...
* bronze gold was the wedding theme
* on the eve of event , neighbours were very helpful helping out with the bunga manggar n last minute preparation... thanks you so much :)
* ween couldn't sleep that night...nervous
* i woke up early in the morning to arrange the hantaran :)
* father of the bride, abah was confident and excited to do the akad but he was actually nervous on the solemnization day itself... hehe tok kadi asked him to repeat the lafaz as he was nervous hehe

* I thought ween will cry during the lafaz.. but she just smiled :) my heart was beating fast as aiman say the lafaz"aku terima nikahnya,nurul azween binti nurul azman dengan mas kahwinnya rm 315 tunai”..only with 1 lafaz.. "Alhamdulillah they are now husband n wife"
* shik, nadia and me were crying a lit bit after the solemnization... we were very happy for Ween
* a lot of people got lost that day because confusing road direction hehe sorry..
* beautiful fresh flower hantaran from kak dura..
* we were happy to gather many family, friends from subang, UM-RCMP, matrix as well
Thanks for coming, glad to see all of u after all this years :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

March haPpiness

Sorry for not updating so long… a lit bit busy as usual. The month of march flew by with lots of happy stories… it started with abah’s 58th bday on the 20th march… we took Abah out of the house although he’s on crutches so that he would have a wonderful bday celebration..took abah for buffet lunch at hotel grand blue wave, shah alam… nice food, n affordable as well.. my prayers for abah on his 58th birthday is for him to stay healthy, funny n happy as always :) n 1 more thing is so that he could recover n walk again soon.. n Alhamdulillah he’s able to walk without crutches now.

Next about HIM...most of my friends wanted to know how this story begins....through 1 of my friends… I met him.. we have never met before this although we were in the same primary school.. but somehow before our first meeting, I had the feeling that this could be the moment that I’ve been waiting for.. I met this wonderful guy through a friend because she told me that she thinks that we are suitable for each other.… as curiosity build, we started to contact each other through sms.. n 1 day we decided to meet.. he came n fetch me in HKL during lunch hours.. I’ve never see him before this.. he told me that he will fetch me with a brownish colour car but I never asked him his plate number.... so I called him.. n he told me that he will get out of the car so that I could see him… n there he was.. standing tall wearing light pink shirt.. I smiled as I saw him smiling at me.. sweet dark tall guy with a dimple…I don’t know why but that smile makes my heart pounding faster… we had lunch at KLCC.. n I’m surprised that we could talk to each other as if we have known each other for so long.. since then, we became closer… I am thankful n grateful that I met this special one… he came into my life when I have just given up in finding the right one… jodoh itu rahsia Allah.. we will never know when we will found the right the right time. I hope that he will be the one that I will spend my life with till the end of time n maybe till heaven.. InsyaAllah

Monday, March 2, 2009


Stress? my juniors will have their final exams in a few weeks.. based on my past experiences, this is the most stressful period of time.. where sometimes u don't have time to sleep, no appetite to eat... n always stress out because time is running out.. i just wanted to share something on how to cope stress.. it is based on my experiences n some of it from what i read.. i even presented in front of my specialist n mo's in O&g during houseman presentation, every morning about 10 minutes in the morning briefing...

remember : Avoid, alter, adapt, accept

Avoid unnescessary stress.. learn to say no! don't accept to do additional work if u can't handle it. Take a deep breath when u stress... n when u release your breathe is as if u release ur stress as well

perfectionism is a big no.. don't set up urself for failures by setting too high standards...remember, what doesn't kill us make us stronger

be positive at all time
manage time wisely

Cherish the things that u have
Take time to express your feelings.. to friends, family

have a green button.. make some1 your green button. when u r stress, just look at your green button n u'll be hapPpy

learn to forgive
take a break n have fun

go for karaoke or watch movie

eat good food n exercise regularly

have enough sleep

don't forget to smile

Monday, February 9, 2009


If u can remember i wrote about 1 of my wishes for my birthday is so that my grandmother will recover from her illness... however, early morning of 4th February my grandmother (Pah) passed away in UMMC.. ibu called me @ 3am.. however, i was sleeping because too tired tagging that night. I just realised the message @ 4a.m.. when i called ibu @ 4.30a.m, she was in the hospital.. Pah passed away with no one beside her except the maid.. she was diagnosed to have acute renal failure with electrolyte imbalance & COPD about 2 months ago. since then she was in the hospital. the last time I visited her in UMMC was 2 days before that..her condition was improving n she was supposed to be discharged on that day. I took emergency leave that day n rush back home..her body was sent to my house for solat jenazah just before she was buried in Tanah Perkuburan Shah was a very sad moment when I gave her my last goodbye kiss...the only thing that i can give her is my prayers n Al-fatihah.. hope she will rest in peace... I am sad to see my grandfather, Aki.. his love towards Pah was beyond eternity.. everyday, Aki will asked us to send him to Hospital. He will just stay there n hold her hand..

Eventhough, when Pah was alive she will nag, or give bad comments.. deep down inside she's very caring..I miss her already...May Allah bless her soul in heaven...INsyaAllah..

Monday, February 2, 2009

a new beginning...

ween & me :)

Alhamdulillah, recently my sis, ween is engaged to her beloved fiancée, aiman.. after more than 3 years of being together, they were engaged in a small n simple engagement in my house in Shah was a wonderful n sweet purple engagement …on 26th of January, the ceremony started @ 11.30 am with tahlil from the people in the neighbourhood so that this engagement ceremony will be blessed.. with the help of makeup artist, my sis look glowing beautiful that day :) as purple is the theme, ween wore purple lace baju kurung n all the hantaran were in purple… aiman’s family n relatives came @ about 1 pm with 7 hantaran in silver colour with beautiful English roses.. after the family discussion, aiman’s mother put the engagement ring to ween’s finger. I was a lil bit emotional @ that time.. hehe.deep down in my heart, I was happy till I nearly shed a tear… I was happy coz at last they are engaged after all the things that they face throughout the journey.. Alhamdulillah… soon she will be married to aiman….n we will have a new family member.. n I will have my only one brother in law hehe btw, thank you for those who came n make the ceremony much merrier.. friends, family n neighbours.. to my lovely sister, ween & her fiancée aiman, happy engagement! i can't wait for the wedding...


ween with shik...
birthday dinner with shik @ chilis

25th birthday celebration dinner @ Concorde
ibu n abah :)

Time flies… sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that I’m 25 this year…just felt like it was yesterday that I start studying in medical school.. hehe time flies n sometimes I had no time to reflect on the things that happen along the journey of life. However, I am thankful n grateful to Allah because I was given the chance to see n live in this wonderful world until today. Alhamdulillah, I am able to live n achieved what I want in life. This year birthday celebration was wonderful.. my sms inbox was full on 15th january with birthday wishes, thanks :) on that day, I was in the gynae clinic.. I went out to buy cake for everyone in the clinic. I was surprised by my collogues, when the actually bought cakes for me n they sang birthday songs… I was really flattered n happy.. couldn’t stop smiling :) that night, I went out for dinner with ween n shik @ chilies.. although I was quite tired due to postcall, but I had a great time.. a new friend of mine, bought me a box of choc, thanks :) that weekend, we had our birthday dinner @ Concorde hotel… The food was tasty + band singing great songs = happy… my best friend joe also belanja dinner @ izzi.. food was great, love the choc cake-yummy :)

as I reached quarter decade, i have a few wishes for my birthday;

1. I would be able to see this wonderful world as long as I live
2. The important people in my life, Ibu, Abah n ween will always be cherished with good health , happiness n blessings.
3. to find or meet my true love/ soulmate
4. my father’s second surgery for Achilles tendor tear will be a success…
5. my sister would have a wonderful n happy wedding
6. my good friend in UK will be strong to face his illness n chemotherapy
7. my cousin to recover from SLE…
8. my grandmother will recover from her illness soon
9. I wish that the suffering of people in Gaza will come to an end
10. I wish that I would be a better person…
11. Lastly, I wish that Allah will hear my wishes n doa n will make it come true.. insyaAllah

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My best friend's wedding....

Too many things happen lately..I wanted to share all of them but I have too little time ..let me start about my best friend’s wedding… I went to pokka’s wedding in December… having thought that I don’t want 2 miss my best friend’s wedding… I went and took leave 2 months before n booked flight to Kota Bharu… it was my first time stepping foot in Kota Bharu.. I’ve never been there since I was born… when I arrived at the airport, pokka was very welcoming n so kind enough to even pick us up at the airport abt 4 hours before his akad nikah… thanks!! We checked in a small, cosy hotel Crystal Lodge... it is a small hotel but it has astro channels n wi-fi.. hehe then we went for tea @ kopitiam

That night was beautiful.. although it was drizzling.. it was a dark night filled with stars.. we went to Pokka’s house first.. his mother was nice, giving us some snacks before following the “ rombongan” to Asmath’s house…I sat beside his mother, waiting anxiously as pokka said his "lafaz"… I’m so excited to see my best friend getting married. pokka look so calm, wearing white baju melayu… alhamdulillah, with 1 lafaz.. he & asmath were united as husband n wife at that night...

The next day, we went for their reception @ Asmath’s house… both of them look beautiful in brownish-gold persalinan… i enjoyed the food.. to capture my best friend's happiest moment on his wedding, it's a memorable moment for me my best friend, Pokka & his beautiful wife, Asmath.. Selamat Pengantin Baru… semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat.. for the beautiful couple, May Allah bless your wedding forever...amin..