Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i was tagged by farissa.. hehe.. thanks 4 the survey..

7 random facts about me:
1. a doctor..
2. only have a twin sis..
3. loves chocolates, ice cream, cakes, anything sweet
4. Loves children
5. Loves flowers, fireworks, beach
6. i'm a left handed..
7. hates annoying people..

7 things that scare me:
1. Allah
2. Losing someone I love, family
3. an accident..
4. losing my health..
5. when I did something bad..
6. Natural disasters
7. when u feel that the world is coming 2 the end..

7 random music at the moment:
1. 11 januari - gigi
2. Andai ku tahu - Ungu
3. bleeding love- Leona lewis
4. no air – jordin sparks & chris brown
5. sempurna – OST Love
6. say it again- marie digby
7. my wish- rascal flatts

7 things I say the most:
1. yes, we are twins hehe
2. really?
3. rindu nye..
4. wa dah gemuk..
5. jom kuar
6. chomelnye…
7. oh, so sweet…

7 things I treasure the most:
1. My family..
2. PDA handphone.. where every thing is inside there... to call people n save
impt things
3. my laptop.. 5 year already.. have some much memories in here.. n a buddy when i was a medic student.. buat report, powerpoint, dgr music n many more..
4. my car... for me 2 go anywhere..
5. pictures of good memories
6. everything that people gave me.. especially when they did themself.. handmade..
7. i'm able 2 live in this world haPpily until today 2 see alll the great creation of Allah.. Alhamdulillah..

7 "first time" things I ever did:
1. Went to US, UK, Korea
2. Went to umrah.. but already 2nd time actually..
3. Be a doctor
4. deliver a patient's baby... was a great experience
5. play bowling 4 school n won.. my name was on the newspaper...
6. acting as the main role in a school drama dulu..i'm not good in acting.. it was the first n the last hehe
7. make a police report masa ada stalker dulu

7 people to do this:
1. Amone
2. Fifa
3. Shix n nadia
4. Whahidah
5. Wahidah
6. Ila
7. anyone yg nak buat this survey :)