Friday, November 27, 2009

His 26th birthday :)

sorry again for updating so late hehe His 26th birthday was on 16th August's on the same day with IBu & Abah's wedding anniversary & 1 day after our engagement... that afternoon, me, ween , aiman brought my parents to celebrate their wedding anniversary.. that night I brought my fiancee to Seri Angkasa Revolving restaurant, KL tower for a romantic dinner... he was very happy because he wanted to go there for a long time.. it was my 2nd time..we arrived there a lil bit late at 8.30pm & it was fully booked although i had made the reservation 1 month earlier hehe.. then after 5 minutes, we were given table 37 ..the sceneries was beautiful with glittering KLCC nearby... after having a wonderful dinner n opening presents... we went back home..

to my dearest fiancee, Ariza.. haPPy 26th birthday... semoga Allah panjangkan umur & dimurahkan rezeki selalu :) hope that u will always filled with lots of love, faith & happiness. I love u always..hope that next year we will be celebrating ur birthday as husband & wife..insyaAllah..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

sweet pink engagement

sorry for not updating again for so long because i was quite busy in paeds 3 months ago...almost every weekend working or oncall.. but currently i'm in surgery... very relaxing surgery but stressful at times.. many things to share, my engagement, his birthday, raya & many more

~My sweet pink engagement~
On 1st July 2009, his parents including his sister came to my house for merisik.. unfortunately, i was working.. only my sis & parents were at home... & they have decided for our engagement to be held on 15th August..

I woke up very early on that saturday morning to get ready for this meaningful event. Kak Zetty from Butik Udaimatunnur ( formely known as butik syahirah) did my makeup.. & while waiting for the rombongan from his side, my photographer zulhelmi taib took some shots of me & my friends.. thanks for the beautiful pictures :) then, at about 11 am, his rombongan which include his family, extended family & close friends came with 7 dulang of hantarans... I was sitting at the petite pelamin while waiting for his mother to put on the engagement ring to my little finger... & Alhamdulillah everything went well... I'm currently engaged to this wonderful guy whom i loved..& soon to be my husband in a few months.

Thank you for everyone who came & make this wonderful moment more meaningful.. Thank you for ibu & abah who make this event came u all.