Tuesday, October 26, 2010

my baby shower ~ 17 October 2010

My baby shower was organized by my dearest sister ween & also with the help of my hubby & family... It was a surprise baby shower.. i went back to my parents house on that evening n was shocked to see most of my close friends were there.. thanks 4 coming Alia & Fazli, Shik, Nadia & Hafizzi, Anne & hubby, & jaja.. i really appreciate it . thanks for the baby book-shik, baby jumper from anne, baby towel from alia n baby accesories from nadia :)

The food and companion was great.. thanks to my sis ween, hubby n ibu & abah for organizing a sweet baby shower for me... i'm grateful to have this wonderful family with me through my pregnancy.. Please pray that i have a smooth delivery :)

my precious pregnancy

sorry for not updating so long... was busy with work in hospital seremban hehe... some of my friends was asking me to update about my 1st pregnancy...so here goes...

I knew the good news in March.. about 2 months after marriage... i was working in emergency department in HKL @ that time... i took 1 urine pregnancy test (UPT) & brought back home n test it by myself after 3 days i missed my period. it was a very faint double line .. hehe because of curiosity whether it's true positive or negative... i bought another 2-3 different UPT from watson... after 1 week, it was really POSITIVE... i was happy & smiling all the way :) my hubby was double happy n excited to tell his friends about the good news... i intend to keep to myself n family only as i knew 1st trimester is a very crucial period where risk of miscarriage is high... i prayed that my pregnancy will go on smoothly...

in my first trimester, Alhamdulillah i had no morning sickness... i had a blessed pregnancy :) but usually will feel very tired in the 1st trimester... i always sleep early at night.. around 9pm.. maybe because of our body is adapting to hormonal changes... heartburn is very common.. n because of that i tend 2 eat small frequent meals.. a small meal every 4 hours... some people will have constipation but drink a lot of water to overcome this.. my favourite drink during my 1st trimester is air jagung hehe don't know why but i bought it almost everyday hehe not forgetting, please avoid taking caffeine especially coffee.. it was quite hard 4 me to stop because i usually drink 2 cups/day but Alhamdulillah I managed to do it! hehe my gynae advice me to take redbull if i'm tired when i'm oncall... n it really works.. it has no caffeine but a lot of vitamins in redbull..
in the 2nd trimester... i felt less tiring n less heartburn... i started to feel baby's movements @ 20weeks.. it feels like butterlies in stomach @ first... when the baby grows bigger, u can feel baby's kick .. it was a great feeling :) i had my 1st antenatal checkup @ 16weeks @ SJMC... i was happy to see my small baby moving.. .there are a few good books for reading.. like "baby book" & "what 2 expect when ur expecting". i had small baby diary to jot down abt this precious pregnancy..
by 5 months, breast will be engorged & baby bump started to show.. i couldn't fit any of my pants n jeans... so, i went to buy some maternity pants n jeans from jusco... jusco had a lot of choices for maternity clothes with affordable price :) i was quite lucky because my sis ween also lend me some of her cute maternity clothes..
by 6 months, i often feel leg cramps early in the morning... it is common... but to overcome this, drink a lot of milk n calcium tablets.. i took 2 glasses of milk, 1 in the morning & night. back pain is common due to enlarging uterus.. it's makes it harder to sleep @ night.. to overcome this, don't lie flat.. lie sideways with pillow @ the back to support ur spine... wear flats n comfortable shoes k..

by 7-8 months, u will feel more tiring & breathless due to big tummy hehe i can't stand for a long time.. need to sit most of the time hehe.. but i love shopping for baby stuff hehe hilang penat walaupun jalan byk2 utk shopping baby's stuff.. it's therapeutic hehe baby gurl clothes are really cute :)

i'm currently @ 37 weeks... just waiting for the right time for the baby gurl to pop out hehe please pray that i have a smooth delivery InsyaAllah :) can't wait to see my baby gurl..