PB Testimonial

salam ladies, i have a FEW wonderful testimonials from PB user..

 - a friend of mine who used PB for 3 months ++ she is determined to loose weight & Alhamdulillah, with the help of PB, she succeed..

this is taken from najwa's blog..http://zahanajwa.blogspot.com
i was inspired to loose weight & wear PB when i read her blog...wonderful achievement !!

this is najwa 3 years ago in 2009 with her 1st child

Early 2010, many thought that she was pregnant at this time but she was not

Luckily she has her RED ALERT when she realized that she can't fit any of her clothes

Then, she got pregnant (2nd pregnancy) :)
Her weight reached up to 78kg before labour

She decided to try out PB corset after her confinement... & the results.....

After 40 days of confinement & wearing PB, she can now wear back her pre wedding jeans :) Congrats najwa, u've made it !!


You can loose weight like Najwa too... with your oWN PB set..

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The biggest looser so far..she has lost more 30kgs so far

By loosing weight, she look more slimmer, younger :)