Friday, December 30, 2011

Arianna Sofea is 1 :)

Salam.. sorry for the long pause, i was busy with work... i have many things to tell & share... my baby Arianna is already 1 year old now.. how time flies kan.. it just felt like yesterday that i went through labour.. it was a blissful pregnancy, Alhamdulillah. it is just wonderful to see her grow from the day she was born until today, i really miss the small baby Arianna :)

Day 1 of life.. many commented anak jepun hehe

1 month old Arianna

2 months..she just love to smile

@ 3 months old during Aqiqah

Arianna loves pink @ 4 months old
love grandma & grandpa .. @ 5 months old

6 months old Arianna

7 months old Arianna with her flower headband


sitting without support

9 months old Arianna during Aidilfitri

10 months old Arianna during Auntie nonie's engagement

1 year old Arianna Sofea !

Alhamdulillah i was able to organized a small & simple birthday party for my lil Arianna Sofea.. we managed to organized at my parents’s house in Shah Alam on 7th november .. hubby was busy with master's exam & the only day he's free is during public holiday.. it was a pink fairy tale theme..
thanks hubby, ween , my parents for helping me with the preparation..
thanks shik for the candy bar hehe

my precious :)

 Yummy birthday cake by Kak Su...

Arianna with papa

The door gifts , chocolates in favour box..

lil Arissa, Azween's daughter

lil sophea, Lin's daughter

lil Ezhan, Erleena's son :)
ex HKL mommies, with Erleena & Fazlin

excited to open the presents, thank u for the presents :)

Happy 1 year old my baby Arianna :) Mama will always love you more & more each day.. & will always be there for you no matter how busy i am..i'm gonna miss the small lil Arianna who can only cry & crawl a few months ago & now can walk, babble Mama n Papa & even run :) love u always

lots of love from your Mama..