Saturday, January 14, 2012

masterchef delicacies :)

Last weekend we went for lunch @ Laman Grill steak & Barbeque in seksyen 13, Laman seri business park... just found out that it's own by Chef Zubir, 1 of the judges in Masterchef Malaysia...after a few weeks watching masterchef programme, i was curious to know how the food taste like hehe..

Laman grill from outside :)
that day we went for lunch... It is a cosy dining place.. love the simple interiors...but i can say that it's a little bit small.. it serves 5 stars food with a 3 stars price.. even the food presentation itself is superb :) The interior of the restaurant is adorned with the awards and certificates the multi-award winning chef received over the years. The kitchen is located at the back of the restaurant, open for all to see the chefs..

the interior... paper cuttings about chef zubir's achievements

the menu... wanted to try the signature dish.. unfortunately it's finish..

hubby tried the Grilled spring chicken..laced with melted cheedar cheese, smoked chicken leek potato tart with salads..

Abah tried Pacific Emerald fish with sizzling seafood..tiger prawn, chillean blue mussels & bbq squid.. for seafood lovers... 

my lunch..Lasagna Al forno, minced meet with white sauce topped with melted cheese .

with hubby :)

my IBu & ween ..

the 2 little girls, Arianna & Arissa :)
If u want to go on weekends especially night, do make reservations as it is always fully booked..

The location of the Restaurant:

No G33, Block 5
Laman Seri Business Park
Seksyen 13, 40000 Shah Alam

Tel: 03-55237386