Saturday, June 7, 2008

busy days...

sorry 4 not updating 4 so long.. hehe i've been busy with induction course & BTN since 14 may 2008.. n currently i'm working in HKL..

14-18 may 2008
- BTN in tanjung rhu sepang.. we were occupied with many activities including group discussion, lectures, sports n kawad n all..
- was quite busy but i had a great time.. doing activities such as absailing, group activities..

19-2nd june 2008
- induction course in selesa beach resort, PD.. we had 2 weeks course which i rather say interesting as they told us about the allowance that we r going 2 get n other things related 2 a gov officer hehe
- the hotel was great with nice, delicious food..
- i had a wonderful time at the beach as well coz i love beach..
sometimes at night, we went 2 the beach 2 watch the stars n sing some songs hehe i'm gonna miss that time.
-all of us really had a great time 2gether as that was our last time 2gether...
- the sports event was great hehe where we played volley ball, tarik tali n lari dlm guni.. hehe it felt like we were young kids.. best!!
- 1 week before completing the course, we were given the letter abt where r we goin 2 be posted to.. it was a very tense moment when all of us open the envelope.. i was shocked 2 see that i got HKL becoz it was not in my 3 choices.. but i'm grateful that at least it was still near home.. alhamdulillah.. my sis was posted 2 hospital kajang..
- on our last day, we shed our tears as we hugged each other, bidding goodbye... i was so sad 2 be seperated with all the wonderful friends since med school.. nadia, shuk, joe, kak su, n many more.. many memories have been shared...hope all of us will meet again during our convo in september :)

hmm, that's all 4 the moment.. hope that i can write something abt working life... but it's 2 early 2 tell.. insyaAllah, i'll be updating soon..