Saturday, August 15, 2009

starting august....

can't believe it's already august...time flies.. i started the month of august with an eventful weekend hehe on the 1st of august, me & him went to 3 different places 1st- to Jalan TAR to buy some things.. we were in the Wisma Yakin when suddenly we heard about the ISA riot...they were running away from the police..we stayed in there for 30 minutes until it's safe..before took our car n off to tropicana mall... we decided to watch movie " the proposal" instead... it was a romantic-funny movie by sandra bullock n ryan reynolds... nice movie!

then, later in the evening.. he brought me to Metropolitan Park, Kepong for a was a big park and as u enter the park, u can see multiple beautiful kites flying in the blue sky...i was very excited as it has been for a while since the last time i fly a kite... maybe more than 10 years ago hehe we took a nice spot n had our picnic... there was a lake if u walk further up... we had the chance to watch sunset near the lake... it was beautiful...i had a wonderful weekend ... thank u ariza for the wonderful weekend...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Azween & Aiman's solemnization

2 months has passed by... time flies.. without we noticing it.. it has been 2 months since azween and aiman's wedding... i didn't have the time to blog in as i was busy working in paeds... congrats to my dear sis, ween n my brother in law aiman.. for me, it was a wonderful wedding event... ibu n I were very tired preparing for their wedding but alhamdulillah it turn out quite well...Alhamdulillah after more than 3 years, they are united as husband & wife.

for my dear sis, congratulation on your wedding :) have a wonderful wedding life... to my brother in law, take good care of my only sister.. we love u both always... hope that i will get a niece and nephew soon..
some highlights about the wedding event in perdana heights ;

* i love the cream fresh flower pelamin by Zalfie Zainal... superb!!
* ibu and I did the ribbons for the doorgift since May...
* bronze gold was the wedding theme
* on the eve of event , neighbours were very helpful helping out with the bunga manggar n last minute preparation... thanks you so much :)
* ween couldn't sleep that night...nervous
* i woke up early in the morning to arrange the hantaran :)
* father of the bride, abah was confident and excited to do the akad but he was actually nervous on the solemnization day itself... hehe tok kadi asked him to repeat the lafaz as he was nervous hehe

* I thought ween will cry during the lafaz.. but she just smiled :) my heart was beating fast as aiman say the lafaz"aku terima nikahnya,nurul azween binti nurul azman dengan mas kahwinnya rm 315 tunai”..only with 1 lafaz.. "Alhamdulillah they are now husband n wife"
* shik, nadia and me were crying a lit bit after the solemnization... we were very happy for Ween
* a lot of people got lost that day because confusing road direction hehe sorry..
* beautiful fresh flower hantaran from kak dura..
* we were happy to gather many family, friends from subang, UM-RCMP, matrix as well
Thanks for coming, glad to see all of u after all this years :)