Saturday, April 10, 2010

my beautiful wedding...

sorry again for not updating so long.. nearly 4 months...i was very busy preparing for my wedding at that time... January is a month of happy events.. 1st my birthday on th 15th was a rather simple birthday celebration as all of us were busy with the wedding..but i'm very thankful that i was able to celebrate my birthday with my love one & my beloved family. n then my akad nikah on the 24th january..

5 days before my wedding - went for a mempelai package spa in serenity spa, concorde hotel... very relaxing & nice.. highly recommended for future brides hehe n then i went for a facial at herbaline...

2days before - my simple cream purple fresh flower dais by rass deco was already prepared..n not forgetting my bilik pengantin as well.. love it so much :) thank you kak ila..
my inai was done by ain..

a day before- i took the hantaran from kak dira..
wanted to sleep early that night but a few things rush in my mind...will i be a good wife & soon to be a wonderful mother? hehe i guess that's normal thing for a bride to be hehe Alhamdulillah I managed to sleep early that night..

My wedding day
i woke up early that day about 5.45am.. after performing solat subuh, i went down to look at my dais & arranging the hantaran in fresh cream roses..beautiful!! Kak Zetty from Udaimatunnur came as early as 8am to make me a beautiful bride.. wearing white silver modern baju kurung for akad nikah. .. Alhamdulillah at about 1015am, i have become ariza's wife.. Alhamdulillah in 1 lafaz i heard him say " aku terima nikahnya nurul azwa binti nurul azman dengan mas kahwin 300 ringgit tunai" i smiled... i didn't cry when abah performed the solemnization.. too happy to cry i guess.. after that he slipped in the beautiful estrella diamond wedding ring from diamond & platinum in my right ring finger..i did the same :) I'm grateful & thankful to Allah & my family for making this day come true... Alhamdulillah everything went well..

For my sanding, thanks to Emanier's boutique for making my heavily beaded purple kebaya with matching shoes & veil... love it! thank u for everyone who could make it to my special day.. really aprreciate it very much... for those who couldn't make it, thank u for ur prayers & wonderful wishes...May Allah bless u all...i'm very thankful that my family are there with me on that day N thank u to my dearest friends- alia, shik, ween n nadia for helping me a lot for my wedding...Alhamdulillah, now i have a new family... my family & my in laws :)