Friday, December 30, 2011

Arianna Sofea is 1 :)

Salam.. sorry for the long pause, i was busy with work... i have many things to tell & share... my baby Arianna is already 1 year old now.. how time flies kan.. it just felt like yesterday that i went through labour.. it was a blissful pregnancy, Alhamdulillah. it is just wonderful to see her grow from the day she was born until today, i really miss the small baby Arianna :)

Day 1 of life.. many commented anak jepun hehe

1 month old Arianna

2 months..she just love to smile

@ 3 months old during Aqiqah

Arianna loves pink @ 4 months old
love grandma & grandpa .. @ 5 months old

6 months old Arianna

7 months old Arianna with her flower headband


sitting without support

9 months old Arianna during Aidilfitri

10 months old Arianna during Auntie nonie's engagement

1 year old Arianna Sofea !

Alhamdulillah i was able to organized a small & simple birthday party for my lil Arianna Sofea.. we managed to organized at my parents’s house in Shah Alam on 7th november .. hubby was busy with master's exam & the only day he's free is during public holiday.. it was a pink fairy tale theme..
thanks hubby, ween , my parents for helping me with the preparation..
thanks shik for the candy bar hehe

my precious :)

 Yummy birthday cake by Kak Su...

Arianna with papa

The door gifts , chocolates in favour box..

lil Arissa, Azween's daughter

lil sophea, Lin's daughter

lil Ezhan, Erleena's son :)
ex HKL mommies, with Erleena & Fazlin

excited to open the presents, thank u for the presents :)

Happy 1 year old my baby Arianna :) Mama will always love you more & more each day.. & will always be there for you no matter how busy i am..i'm gonna miss the small lil Arianna who can only cry & crawl a few months ago & now can walk, babble Mama n Papa & even run :) love u always

lots of love from your Mama..

Saturday, August 6, 2011

papa u will be missed...

salam ramadhan everyone... sorry for neglecting this blog for nearly 4 months.. many things happen along the way & i was busy with work..It has been 3months  now since papa left us... Al-fatihah to my father in law, papa passed away on 2 May 2011 around 6.45pm at home due to lung cancer stage 4.. Papa was diagnosed to have lung cancer stage 4 in January.. at that time, he had difficulty in breathing & then investigated in Subang Jaya medical Centre.. Chest X-ray was done & was suspected lung cancer as the x-ray was suspicious of cancer.. they proceeded with CT-scan of thorax & also lung biopsy & at the end of january it was confirmed as Adenocarcinoma of lung with metastases... i just couldn't believe what i heard from the doctor..Papa was very fit, always exercising.. n i thought it was impossible for him to get lung cancer.. but it was already written by Allah... He loves him more..
to recall what happen early that day 2nd May.. i was working morning shift & ended my shift @ 3pm.. n straight went back to celebrate my nieces birthday.. when i reached home, the palliative doctor was there to insert feeding tube to papa because papa couldn;t take orally for the past 2 days.. he couldn't eat because he felt something was obstructing the throat.. at about 6.30 pm, with the help of other children, mama wanted to feed papa through the feeding tube, Ariza was sitting behind papa to support him to sit while feeding. n other siblings were around papa ... n in a few seconds, papa suddenly collapsed n stop breathing... i did CPR to papa a few minutes n then we headed to SJMC...on arrival there, the specialist informed us that papa has passed away..i was very sad n still in shock, i have never seen any family members passed away in front of my eyes..all of us were in shock, i never thought that papa will go this soon..Allah loves him more..

I would always remember some of the advice that papa gave me & ariza on our first few days of marriage , on our way to Klia during our honeymoon...  Papa was a very kind hearted person, always helping people in need of help..i have learned to eat some of the kelantan delights such as nasi kerabu, nasi tumpang, lompat tikam n budu from Papa.. thank u Papa for everything..we will miss you.. arianna will miss her Tokpa so much...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

5 months old....

my baby Arianna Sofea is already 5 months old.. how time felt like just yesterday i deliver this baby gurl at 5 months she's already 6kgs ++  and able to turn from supine to prone position & vice versa.. making me more worried as she like to roll over.. i have to be more careful to prevent her from rolling down the bed hehe she likes to play with her feet & at some instance she will put her toes in her mouth hehe sucking her fingers is her hobby since 4 months old. Smiling & showing her dimples is her speciality :)  I am still breastfeeding her although i'm quite busy with work & oncalls.. but i have started giving her Anmum infacare milk since she demands more milk since this few months, 150cc every 2 hours..i choose anmum because it taste more like breast milk n it has no added sugar.. my breastmilk stock is getting lesser n lesser each day

hmm since some of my friends just became mothers & a few of them will deliver soon.. i just wanted to share something about breastfeeding.. Before i deliver, i don't really know much about breastfeeding but as a doctor we have to encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies exclusively for 6months.. but its a difficult job especially when ur busy working.. since novermber last year, when my lil baby arianna came to life.. i experienced the wonderful things in life, a journey to become a mother.. I wanted to give her the best of everything..that's including exclusively breastfeeding.. during my confinement time, i had many times of breast lumps due to excessive milk production.. then, at times the amount became less & less... but i have learned a few tips from my mom, other mothers & my aunty who is a lactation nurse in hospital selayang..

1. Drink a lot of water
   - at least 8 glasses per day. to produce a lot of milk for the baby, mothers have to drink more too..

2. Drink different types of drink
    - for example : morning drink milo, then brunch nestum, lunch soya bean, tea - barley, dinner milk

3. Food that stimulates milk production
   - dark green vegetables like spinach , fenugreek, yam, ginger and carrot
   - oats and barley can also stimulate milk production

4. Breastfeeding as frequent as possible
  - breastfeeding on least every 2-3 hours

5. Supplements
  - pil asi, fenugreek tablets.. I've tried pil asi as suggested by some mothers.. it is cheap n it really works! but the thing is that u have to take 5 tablets 3times a day.. i only took twice a day..
  - nursing tea.. i tried earth mama joy angel baby nursing tea.. 16 tea bags for rm40.. for those who can drink herbal tea, this tea would be a good choice.. however, i don't prefer drinking herbal tea..i prefer taking pils..

- soy milk products ... i have tried nutri 99 soya milk drink.. it was recomended by a lactation counseller.. it's know to boost breastmilk production.. this yummy organic soya milk+ aloe vera beverage can be drink hot or cold. other soya milk products that u can try is mililea organic soya milk..

  - an antiemetic medication that increased production of the hormone prolactin. Prolactin is the hormone that stimulates the cells in the mother's breast to produce milk.. it is sold at most of the pharmacy. however, like all other medication.. it has some side effects such as headache 10-30% or abdominal cramps.. but so far Alhamdulillah i didn't experienced any side effects..

6. EBM ( expressed breast milk)
  - especially for working mothers.. to keep the stocks when needed
  - at least every 3 hours... to keep ur breast milk supply, make a habit to pump every 2-3 hours.. it's easy for working mothers who have free time.. because of my busy schedule, i usually ebm 3 times a day..
- EBM milk can last 4-6 hours in room temperature, 2-4 days in fridge and up to 3-6 months in freezer..

7. Don't get stress up...
- studies has shown that when a mother is stress, the breastmilk will be less.. so, enjoy life & don;t be too stressful..

8. breast massage
- Apply a warm compress to your breast, such as a warm towel. Then, with your fingertips, stroke from the top of the breast down and over the nipple.This helps stimulate your oxytocin.

-  massage the breast with the flat of the fingers into the chest wall, beginning at the top and working in a spiral down toward the areola. Massage in a circular motion a few strokes at a time before moving to another spot.

hope that some of these tips helps..some of the tips works on me... tell me whether it works for u..

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Majlis Aqiqah Arianna Sofea..

Alhamdulillah on 6th February 2011, i had organized a simple purplish majlis aqiqah for my little princess, Arianna Sofea... i wanted to plan a lot of things but due to some reasons that cannot be prevented, I had to be grateful enough to be able to celebrate Arianna's aqiqah as simple as it is with family & close friends.. kite yg merancang but Allah yg menentukan..The event started around 10 am with yasin recitation and then cukur jambul...and ended with lunch by Manisa Catering.. yummy Kuzie lamb.. Alhamdulillah, the event went smoothly as planned. Thank you to everyone who could make it to the event.. & thank u for all the gifts.. Arianna loves all of it as much as her mama loves it hehe  :) syukran jazilah..

The lil princess Arianna Sofea wearing purple dress bought by Tok Ibu

Lilac flower Buaian cukur jambul from stazurin

Papa with Arianna
the doorgifts red velvet cuppies ( thanks to my sis in laws kak sue & kak ja for the yummy cuppies)

Cukur Jambul

Love :)

My family
 clockwise from right Uncle Aiman, Tok Abah, Papa, Mama with Arianna, Tok Ibu & Aunty Ween with Arissa 

friends for life-the newly wed shik & kojek, mommy & daddy to be Alia & Fazli :)
the mommies & wives
Thank u to everyone who came & thanks for the wonderful gifts.. Nothing else that i wished for other than lots of prayers & doa so that Arianna will grow up to be a good person, InsyaAllah... To my lil princess Arianna Sofea, Mama loves u always..

Monday, March 14, 2011

My best friends wedding

sorry for neglecting this blog for  more than1 month .. i've been busy.. as u all know, i have started working after 3 months of maternity leave..trying to organize myself as a working mother .. it's not easy but i'm trying to cope.. Alhamdulillah, so far i'm coping.. too many things to share but i have too little time... hehe Just wanted to update about my best friends wedding... My best friend shik finally tie the knot after more than 8 years of love story with kojek.. Shik was my roomate in Asasi Sains together with ween.. SHik n kojek met during asasi.. n Alhamdulillah their relationship lasted until they were united as husband & wife on 29th January 2011 at shik's house.. Shik was always there during my wedding & ween's wedding.. i wanted to be there, helping with the preparation but unfortunately i was busy with my new role as a mother to Arianna Sofea. These are some of the wedding pix... 

beautiful bride

akad nikah 29 jan
love this beautiful pelamin from Suri Butik :)
the wives & mommies
with hubby & arianna
dewan perdana felda reception
Selamat Pengantin baru to Shik & Kojek.. have a wonderful married life .May ur marriage will be filled with lots of love & happiness..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

wordless wednesday.. yummy!

honeycomb goldrush espreski

Saturday, January 29, 2011

2 months old ++

My precious little Arianna is 2 months old ++ ..  I've learned & noticed that she has grown taller & bigger .. on her last checkup @ SDMC, Subang Jaya, she had her circumcision done & her latest weight was 4.7kg.. gained another 1 kg since the last checkup.. ALhamdulillah... it's good to know that she's growing well.. I have noticed that she had more eye contact with me & tried cooing when I talked to her.. She likes to give her social smile when u smile/talk to her.. It's actually good to talk to ur baby since newborn.. although they wouldn't understand, but it will give good stimulation.. I'm enjoying my precious time with my lil baby, enjoyed watching her so happy while bathing, her sweet lil smile, her cute lil voice when calling her name.. i would really miss it when i start working again..  about a week ++ from now..huhu

Thursday, January 27, 2011

We are 1 :)

Alhamdulillah, i had the chance to celebrate my 1st wedding anniversary on 24th January with my hubby :) As i celebrate my 1st anniversary, I'm thankful that i have a loving husband & a sweet daughter, i couldn't ask for more.. they are my precious apart from my family..

I decided to celebrate our first anniversary at somewhere quiet.. so we went to ShangriLa Putrajaya that night.. had wonderful dinner @ Azur.. the restaurant was decorated in blue with dim light..facing beautiful sceneries of putrajaya.. romantic :) The food main course was delicious..

beautiful lights

Salmon & seabass

Baked chicken with cheese
Thank u hubby for the wonderful card & present.. I love it so much :) Happy 1st anniversary sayang.. . I'm grateful to have found you... May Allah blessed our marriage with lot's of love & happiness :)