Thursday, May 28, 2009

March haPpiness

Sorry for not updating so long… a lit bit busy as usual. The month of march flew by with lots of happy stories… it started with abah’s 58th bday on the 20th march… we took Abah out of the house although he’s on crutches so that he would have a wonderful bday celebration..took abah for buffet lunch at hotel grand blue wave, shah alam… nice food, n affordable as well.. my prayers for abah on his 58th birthday is for him to stay healthy, funny n happy as always :) n 1 more thing is so that he could recover n walk again soon.. n Alhamdulillah he’s able to walk without crutches now.

Next about HIM...most of my friends wanted to know how this story begins....through 1 of my friends… I met him.. we have never met before this although we were in the same primary school.. but somehow before our first meeting, I had the feeling that this could be the moment that I’ve been waiting for.. I met this wonderful guy through a friend because she told me that she thinks that we are suitable for each other.… as curiosity build, we started to contact each other through sms.. n 1 day we decided to meet.. he came n fetch me in HKL during lunch hours.. I’ve never see him before this.. he told me that he will fetch me with a brownish colour car but I never asked him his plate number.... so I called him.. n he told me that he will get out of the car so that I could see him… n there he was.. standing tall wearing light pink shirt.. I smiled as I saw him smiling at me.. sweet dark tall guy with a dimple…I don’t know why but that smile makes my heart pounding faster… we had lunch at KLCC.. n I’m surprised that we could talk to each other as if we have known each other for so long.. since then, we became closer… I am thankful n grateful that I met this special one… he came into my life when I have just given up in finding the right one… jodoh itu rahsia Allah.. we will never know when we will found the right the right time. I hope that he will be the one that I will spend my life with till the end of time n maybe till heaven.. InsyaAllah