Thursday, February 14, 2013

3 months.. 3 celebrations..

salam everyone...  just wanted to update about this 3 celebrations that happen in month of November, December & January..


The birthday celebration started with Arianna 2nd birthday celebration.. Alhamdulillah, Arianna is already 2 years old. We had a small birthday celebration at my parents house.. i was heavily pregnant at that time.. nearly 8 months pregnant. Thank you for those who came & thank you so much for the presents.. arianna loves it so much :)
The theme was disney princess..  i had ordered a simply birthday cake from my sis in law from 1978 cakes
.. u can visit their facebook pages

yummy choc cake 

Arianna Sofea.. birthday girl :)


goody bags :)

balloons :)

thank you for a ll the presents :)

Arianna trying to open Aunty Ween & uncle Aiman's present

she loves the bakery set from Aunty Shik & Uncle Kojek

riding bicycle from Tok Ibu & Tok Abah

chubby preggy me with Ween


Alhamdulillah we were able to celebrate ibu's birthday on 3rd december last year :) We had birthday dinner at Concorde Shah Alam..always love the variety of food that concorde has to offer..from western, oriental to the red velvet cake from wondermilk.. yummy! Hope u like the present ibu :)
I didn't managed to capture a lot of picture as at that time i was having premature contraction..

all of us :) brown theme


Alhamdulillah... i have reached 29 years old on 15th JAnuary this year.. time really flies.. in another year i will reached the midlife of 30.. hehe We had a simple birthday celebration as i was still in my confinement period at that time... but Ibu gives greenlight to celebrate bday dinner outside the house.. Hubby brought me to Laman Grill to celebrate.. i always love the food there... delicious food with wonderful food presentation :)
Thank u ibu & abah for the yummy rainbow choc cake by Wondermilk ..
Alhamdulillah, i/m grateful that at 29 years years.. i have a caring husband, wonderful children & understanding parents.. Thank u for everything  :)

Me & Ween.. 29 years old :)

dinner at LAman Grill :)


with my familia...

Thank u hubby for the wonderful surprise.. :)

Thank u ibu .. love the smell :)

thank u ween :)

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